Photographs at Mequon Public Market

Whirlpool Revealed

Whirlpool Revealed - Wolf River, Wisconsin 

I'm delighted to have my images displayed at the Mequon Public Market. 

Photography has taken me on voyages of both body and mind.  My career started as a commercial photographer, creating imagery for public relations and advertising.  Now photography guides my path of personal discovery.  I work in nature finding beauty and mystery in the land, its inhabitants and the stars.  I hope you enjoy my images.  Tom Lemke


Framed, matted print - 18" x 24"  - $375

Framed, matted print - 16" x 20"  - $275

Print only with image sizes approximately - 14" x 20"  - $200

Print only with image sizes approximately - 10" x 14"  - $100

Print on metal with image sizes approximately - 16" x 24" - $300


Chimera - Langlade County, Wisconsin

Some creatures seem to exist in two worlds.  Subjects from my "Fiddleheads" project walk the line between plant and animal.   When ferns pop up from the forest floor in early spring they grow quickly.  As they unfold from underground and climb up to grab a little light, their contortions seem animal-like.  When I look closely at these little guys their personalities show through.

Midstream Ice

Midstream Ice - Wolf River, Wisconsin

In December, ghosts appear on the Wolf River.  Well, the ice that forms on the rocks midstream look that way to me. I enhance the sense of mystery by leaving the shutter open to allow the flowing water to add a random, flowing element.

Whirlpool Revealed

Whirlpool Revealed - Wolf River, Wisconsin

My time spent fly fishing the Wolf taught me to watch the river carefully to detect subtle eddies and currents.  I watched this section of the Wolf for a while before I saw the whirlpool; it moved so slowly.   I set my camera on a tripod and made a time exposure to fully reveal the grace and mystery of this water. 

Repose After Time - Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona

Repose After Time - Vermilion Cliffs, Arizona

This strange assemblage of rocks in the Arizona desert seemed like great beings lying frozen in time.  The motion of the clouds above them marking the passage of the ages they have witnessed.

Maple Forest Aerial

Maple Forest Winter Aerial - Langlade County, Wisconsin

Patterns show up so well against snow and so very well from a hundred feet above Wisconsin's forests.  I loved the way the shadows from the bare maple trees made such strong diagonal lines against the creamy, winter backdrop.

African Wild Dog,  Botswana

African Wild Dog - Botswana, Africa

Wild dogs are one of the more endangered species in Botswana but they're coming back from the brink.  I thought the look of resolution and persistence in this female's eyes spoke to hope for conservation efforts.

Milky Way Milkweed Field

Milky Way, Milkweed Field - Langlade County, Wisconsin

July and warm weather bring a blossoming of flowers, not least, the favorite food of Monarch Butterflies, the common milkweed.  July also brings out the spectacular show of the Milky Way.  What a better combination?

Milky Way Over the Wolf River

Milky Way Over The Wolf River, Wisconsin

Wisconsin's Wolf runs wild through Langlade County.  I've always been fascinated by the scene of water moving freely through a forest.  The relationship between the flow of the Wolf and the flow of the Milky Way galaxy seemed a match made...well... in heaven.  

Vermilion Lake Reeds

Vermilion Lakes Reeds - Alberta, Canada

September snow came to the Canadian Rockies.  Waiting for the clouds to clear took a long time. There wasn't much wind to move them but that was fortunate.  There were no riffles on the water to disturb the reflection of the reeds.

The Body of a Tree

The Body of a Tree - Boot Lake, Wisconsin

A windblown tree lies dying in a lake.  There are so many windstorms now that this is not an uncommon find.  When photographed from above the pale tree takes on a new life.  The body of the tree is also the spirit of a tree and an audience of the living seem to bow down in reverence. 

Beech Leaves Against Snowy Hill

Beech Tree in Snow #2 - Mequon, Wisconsin

I love how snow transforms the landscape.  The white background simplifies composition and sets off subjects. Happily the young beech trees in my neighborhood hang onto their orange leaves well into winter; little splashes of color on pale paper. 

Lightning on Lake Michigan  - Donges Bay, Wisconsin

Lightning on Lake Michigan - Mequon, Wisconsin

A massive storm over the lake, conveniently, stayed just far enough away to allow me to stay dry and make this long exposure of the light show.

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